introducing the 210 method…



When I was in the military, I picked up the nickname Thor...

Yes, the Norse Thunder God.

That’s ONLY a fact I tell you because I spent most my life as a “nerdy kid” that played video games, did ALL my homework, and avoided the gym...

And most my time in the military was spent with doctors to fix my frail and broken body...

So earning the name “Thor” for becoming, quite frankly, a beast in the gym and developing athletic ability I never knew I was capable of was an impressive accomplishment given that I’d never been known for doing anything athletic in my life.

It didn’t happen by accident either…

I had learned something that we weren’t taught in school

Something that allowed me to go from the crippled kid with bad knees…

...to become my OWN superhero that would eventually earn the name of a thunder god for my athleticism before I left the military.

And now…

I’m going to show you how you can get equally incredible results and become YOUR own Superhero using my brand new program…



The Busy Persons’ Cheat Code To Becoming Your Own Superhero (Peter Parker To Spiderman) So You Can Trade Your Overworked, Stressed Out Lifestyle For A Life Filled With Energy And Full Body Health


If you want to STOP…


Feeling embarrassed and disappointed in yourself every time you look in the mirror


Setting a bad example for your kids and the people that look up to you by being out of shape


Dressing like somebody that still lives in your moms basement because you hate not feeling and looking good in new clothes


Having doctors remind you need to change your lifestyle every you get your check up


Knowing your family is disappointed in you when they see how big you’ve gotten every time they come to visit


Feeling like you are disappointing your partner by not keeping your body in shape for them to feel attracted to you

And want to start…

Having people notice you when you walk by
Man in formal business suit or groom costume getting dressed in dressing room preparing for working, engagement or wedding ceremony.

Feeling proud and powerful when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror

Group of people working out business plan in an office

Crush your work and network like a boss because your confidence is finally where it should be

Happy  smiling friends drinking beer at counter in pub

Finally getting approval from your friends and family when they see how good you look after weeks or months of not seeing you

Portrait of happy senior man sitting in cafe, raising his arms with joy

Boost your productivity and energy through the day so you can get MORE done WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed and burnt out


Knowing you are setting a good example for your family by motivating the people around you to be healthy like you

Then what I’m about to show you on this page may be one of the most important things you do this year, or even for the rest of your life to improve your business, your relationship with your family, and your health.

Before we dive in though…

You’re Probably Wondering Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me

let me introduce myself…

My name is Chris Coulson

I’m a Navy veteran turned health coach and online personal trainer and now train entrepreneurs and business people across the United States.

When I entered the military in 2005, I had all these ideas that I was going to get strong and tough by going through the brutal conditioning drills the military puts you through.

I had never really been an “athletic” kid, and I really wanted to change that.

In high school, I was into video games, physics, and reading Dungeons and Dragons by myself at lunch.

But by the time I graduated, I was sick of being known as the “nerdy kid,” with no real friends, and I never had a girlfriend. 

I was ready for a big change!

That change ended up with me joining the military...

I thought I was FINALLY going to get strong and be able to feel proud of my body!

But what happened instead was me quickly blowing out my knee training for what I thought was my “calling” because the truth was, no one knew how to actually teach people how to workout. They didn’t care.

The problem wasn’t that I just had bad genes or was cursed in any way…

(although I definitely felt cursed at the time)

...it was that I had just never learned how to exercise properly at all.

 Growing up,

I had no idea how many benefits exercise had...

Not only does exercising allow you to create a strong body that you can be proud of, it also:

Improves your body’s durability and reduces injuries

Promotes improved mental clarity

Keeps doctors and trips to the emergency room very rare

Purges cortisol from your system making it way harder to over stress in life

even allows many people to make more friends and create better connections between families, friends, or even business partners!

Improves cognitive functioning and allows new ideas to pop up easier

But as a kid…

I didn't understand...

I thought weightlifting and working out was for people who just wanted to feel like they were “better” than everyone else.

And that’s why I avoided learning how to exercise until after I got in the military and tore my knee apart.

I hadn’t built up and muscle to protect me from injuries, and it led to me going through huge waves of depression as I got 3 failed knee surgeries over the next 2 years.

It was hands down one of the worst times of my life.

I started to blame others...

I blamed my problems on bad doctors that didn’t know what they were doing…

The military for making us exercise as much as we did…

My friends for not understanding what I was going through…

God for cursing me with a bum knee…

I didn’t even know if the military was going to keep funding my education if I couldn’t stay healthy!

So that’s when I decided to finally take responsibility and make a difference for myself…

...Even if it was in a way I never would have thought of before that moment.

Before I tell you exactly what happened though...

  let’s talk about you…

Are You Ready To Take Responsibility For Your Life?

The reason you’re on this page today is likely one of two reasons…

Reason #1. You feel shameful and guilty about your body

I would bet money that you are a high performer in many areas of your life.

You like to win!

And you’re probably very good at it.

But when you look in the mirror you’re realizing that you are not performing at anywhere near a “high level” when it comes to your overall health.

You know that how you feel when you wake up every day is not as good as you want to feel, and you know you want your body to look and feel stronger, leaner, and sexier.

That’s why you want a solution that is going to help you get healthy without spending 10+ hours in the gym every week or being forced to give up the foods you love.

Reason #2. You are starting to see the consequences of not maintaining your health

If this is you, you are probably someone who is working your ass off to make your life amazing.

For many of the clients I work with, they want to feel 100% confident in their finances specifically so they never have to worry about paying rent again.

You might be able to relate to that.

Because of their intense focus on that one area of their life...they sabotage everything else in pursuit of that one goal to feel financially secure.

If you are someone who works day in and day out to take care of yourself and your family by making more money in the business world…

There is a good chance you are unknowingly crippling yourself in other areas of your life...and even preventing yourself from making MORE money by not using the other areas of your life to fuel your ambition.

But instead of tearing your ACL in your knee and crippling yourself like I did...

trust me…

you may be crippling…

I don’t personally know you yet, but these are all things that really HAPPEN to people every day because they simply didn’t take care of their health.

I’ve seen it happen…

and I don’t want it to happen to you

But the amazing thing is that you can prevent all of this and change your life for the better today if you make time to take of your body for as little as 210 minutes a week.


Learning Proper Weight Training Changed My Life

After my third knee surgery, I knew something had to change or else I could lose my job and my education forever by losing my military funding.

So my solution was to start really studying the biology of the body to see if I could fix myself.

It started with me just studying the knee and why I was having such big problems recovering from my ACL and meniscus tear.

“What muscle connects to where?”

“What tissue protects what part of the knee?”


But, since everything in the body is so interconnected and so affected by the stimulus we put into our brains every day, I soon ended up studying everything in the body.


I had come to a conclusion!

If I could strengthen certain muscles in certain places, I could take the pressure off my knee so it could heal, and eventually, I would be able to strengthen the knee itself so I never had this problem again.

6-months I was not only training with the other guys on the base, but I was outperforming 90% of the guys I couldn’t keep up with just a few months back.

That was phenomenal for me…but it wasn’t even the biggest change I noticed in my life.

Call it confidence in myself or maybe just luck…

But as I got healthier, I noticed how much more time I seemed to have in the day.

I noticed how many more friends I was able to make with guys on my base.

I noticed that I didn’t feel depressed anymore and that I was having more opportunities presented to me every day because more people liked me.

And it ALL started with me learning how to properly train my body in the gym.

I became a base legend that everybody called “Thor” because of how much I started loving to work out.

So my question to you is...

What Would Change In Your Life?

If 3 months from now, you found yourself looking in the mirror proud of the body you have built, what would change in your life?

If 3 months from now, you found yourself looking in the mirror proud of the body you have built, what would change in your life?

Would you be waking up earlier and getting more done?

Would you feel confident asking for that promotion instead of scared to put yourself out there?

Would you be closing more deals and magnetizing money to yourself?

Would you feel happier?

Would your new found energy allow you to create more time in the day?

Would your relationship with your family be even better?

Would you make more friends that help push you forward in life instead of drag you down?

Would you create a reputation for yourself that drew people you want to connect with towards you?

 Well if you’re anything like my Guild of Heroes

The answer is, “YES!”

Meet Cassandra, when she came to me she was tired, frustrated and said she had tried every diet in the book. She needed to get in great shape for her wedding. Not only was she able to get in the best shape of her life, she was set-up for the future with the knowledge she gained and she’s been able to make her transformation permanent.

“This year has been so eye opening for me with Chris in so many ways. First, I always believed that if you go harder, push yourself with cardio, sprints, working out often that it would bring the greatest results. But Chris has shown me that isn't the case.

His approach is methodical, patient and results driven. In January, when he said no cardio-- I was like "WHAT!? There's no way I could get my results without it." But I trusted him and the system and it's been life changing to say the least. He's shown me that there are no tricks, no extra hours of cardio or 'pushing myself' that will get me to my goals quicker. and that's one of my favorite things about working with him- his no BS approach.

Most importantly, I've learned from Chris to be patient with myself. Harder is not better. Faster is not better and both combined developed bad fitness habits along the way for me. I have greatly appreciated Chris being realistic with goals, giving me constant motivation and being my trusted fitness advisor.

Thank you Chris for not only getting me to my wedding fitness goals but also for helping me change my mindset around what it is to be strong, healthy and patient (with myself!) If you are looking for long term, permanent changes and are committed to doing the work- Chris is your guy! -Cassandra

When I first met Susie, she was very skeptical about online training. She had been struggling with her weight for a long time and didn’t think it would work for her, but she gave it a shot.

She’s now lost 30 pounds and and she’s not skeptical anymore.

“It’s been an amazing experience for me. I didn’t think I would ever lose this weight but not only is it coming off, it’s staying off. All of this and I was still able to enjoy my meals, go out with my friends, travel the world and STILL lose weight!”

Sam started working with me after he injured his wrist. He was frustrated and he realized he couldn’t do CrossFit the way he wanted to anymore. Plus, he just wasn’t seeing the results he had hoped. Needless to say it’s been a huge change for him 🙂

“1. Before we started working together, I was in a good fitness routine, but didn't feel like I was actually making any progress. I had been doing Crossfit regularly for 4 years but didn't see any visible results despite getting stronger.
2. After working with Chris, I started to see fairly immediate results. Just by taking a more bodybuilding approach and dialing in my diet, I was able to see some fast changes in muscle definition. Now, over a year in, I'm seeing even more progress as I work on cutting down body fat and revealing the muscle underneath.
3. Given that I learned about Chris from a trusted recommendation and thought the price was reasonable, I didn't think twice about hiring him.
4. The biggest change I have found was really starting to get my diet dialled in. Even though I knew that diet was important, I never knew exactly what to focus on, so despite working out regularly I didn't see results until I started working with Chris.
5. The most valuable part of working with Chris has been having regular check-ins and being able to continually adapt and improve.”

D’Angelo had already been eating healthy and working out regularly for a couple years before we started working together, but he hit a plateau.

In two months he added 5 pounds of lean muscle and lost 15 lbs of fat.

"I have to say, that for me, it has been a total success. I got everything I put into it. Some of the gains, in fact many, were not physical. I've lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure is lower ~ without medication. I'm stronger, I have more stamina, and I eat better. Most importantly, I made time for myself. Making time for myself required me to develop family routines that have allowed all of us to live better.

Thank you for your coaching."

Aimee came to me feeling hopeless. She was athletic when she was younger, but her weight kept creeping up over the years. She was tired and she thought this was just what it meant to get older.
Happily, she was very wrong 🙂

In 3 months, not only have I lost 23 lbs to date and 5% body fat
(which is great, don't get me wrong)....

THE BEST PART is that my whole lifestyle has changed: I have way more energy (sans caffeine), sleeping so well, eating better, feeling better, limited cravings for shitty food, delivering better quality work to clients, am a better leader in biz meetings and teams, I'm a better wife, better lover (TMI? but hey, it's true!) , and a better friend cause I am more social cause my workaholism has dissipated. Basically, my life has made a total turn around, and all and all it has been relatively easy with Chris's help.”

 with the 210 method 

I Want To Do The Same Thing For You!!

I want you to join my 210 Method workout system and become my next success story just like all the pictures you see above.

I don’t accept just anybody, but if you’re still reading it’s a good sign you are the kind of person I am looking for.

lets talk about the 210 method

Here’s how it works-

When you apply to join The 210 Method and we decide you are a good fit to join the program, you will be given access to my “Big 3”.

These are my 3 pillars of success that have allowed me to coach over 100 people to lose fat, get energized, and reclaim their health.

Let’s go through each one step by step.

Pillar #1: Custom Built Nutrition Plans

If you’ve ever looked at fitness coaching options before, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve heard of meal plans.

But there is a big difference between a meal plan and a custom built nutrition plan.

That difference is that meal plans are “cookie cutter” diets that are supposed to be moderately healthy for EVERYONE, while a custom built nutrition plan is a comprehensive health plan for you to take with you through the rest of your life that is custom built FOR YOU and your specific lifestyle.

For example:

Meal plans will call for you to eat chicken and broccoli for lunch or and ask you to reduce your sugar and fat intake in most scenarios.

Personally I don’t like meal plans because they are so general.

As a trainer, I’m not going to tell you you can’t eat cookies because my girlfriend makes the BEST cookies once every 1-2 weeks and I eat basically all of them!

A meal plan wouldn’t allow you to do that…

But a custom built nutrition plan will.

Let’s say you adore oreos more than anything on the planet and can’t imagine life without having oreos at least once a week.

Using the custom nutrition plan I am going to provide you with, we can factor oreos or other “cheat meals” into the equation and STILL have you lose weight and reveal your muscle.

“When I first started working with Chris, I had some reservations. I loved the workouts but was skeptical about the nutrition plan. His nutrition program is based on the macro/flexible dieting system, and he adjusts the plan to each individual. This means you track your protein, carbs, and fats. I struggled with the food tracking at first, but now It has become second nature. You are presented with a guide for good carbs and healthy fats.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t have my cosmo, ice cream, or occasional pizza, I just plan my “macro” intake accordingly (smiley face). I feel fantastic. After four months I fit into clothes sizes that I haven’t fit in since my wedding day. You may think I’m biased, but I am not. Chris makes this easy and I honestly feel I can make this into a life long habit.”-Christine

Pillar #2: Custom Built Workouts

Somewhere around 14% of the US population or 45 million people have gym memberships.

Yet…from my own experience and experiences from my clients, friends, and likely your experience as well – many of the people with gym memberships never actually get “in-shape”.

Instead, they wander around choosing to do just a few workouts like jogging on the treadmill for a mile or doing a few reps on the bench press.

That almost NEVER works despite having all the equipment available to you to get whatever results you want from your body in the gym.

Not only that, but wandering around the gym without a plan wastes precious time!

Instead of doing leveraged workouts that get you results FAST, you are wandering around not getting results and wasting time you could be using for other things.

So how do we change this so we can ensure that you get the BEST RESULTS you can in the gym in the LEAST amount of time?

We build you a custom workout plan that only lasts 210 minutes per week (3 ½ hours) and builds off of your custom nutrition plan.

When you fill out the application below and schedule your time to get on the phone, we are going to identify your goals.

Goals shift with time, so these will not be the only goals we set during our time together, but we do need to have a destination to work towards.

If your goal is losing 30lbs of fat, great.

We can build a custom workout plan to get you there.

If your goal is being able to squat a certain amount of weight, great.

We can build a custom workout plan to get you there.

Even if your goal is to tone up and strengthen a certain body part like your arms, core or legs, great.

We can build a custom workout plan to get you there.

This is WAY more powerful than just walking into the gym and wandering around for 2 hours cluelessly working out.

And this is part of how my clients get phenomenal results in extremely short periods of time like

“After working with Chris Coulson for only 2 months I lost 30 lbs! I feel great now due to him. I still have more weight I want to lose, but I am way more confident in myself, and I know if I follow his program I will meet those goals. He emails me weekly to see how I’m doing in the program and how he can help me further my goals. Chris genuinely cares about my progress and wants me to accomplish any fitness goal I set for myself. He truly inspires me to never give up no matter how hard life can be. By far the best personal trainer I could ever ask for. “
Nik Martinez

Pillar #3: Weekly Group Check-In Sessions

According to a few different studies done by Bodybuilding.com in 2013 and Marcel Schwantes with the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, between 73-92% of Americans fail at their fitness goals and New Year’s Resolutions.

In my opinion, there is a #1 reason most people fail while my clients consistently succeed time and time again.

Most people that start something new have ZERO support.

Think about it…

If you told everyone you knew today that you wanted to get in the best shape of your life in the next few months, how many of those people would support you?

How many of the people you know would help keep you accountable?

How many of the people you know would call you each week to make sure you’re sticking to your goal?

Probably not many, right?

When you think about it that way, it’s easy to see why so many Amercians fail so often when they start new goals.

When it feels like it’s just you against the whole world…the odds can feel stacked against you no matter how hard you work.


What if you had a community and a coach that held you accountable to make the change you said you were going to make?

How much easier would it be to achieve your goals if you had me and the rest of the people in my “Guild of Heros” supporting you every step of the way?

What if we could encourage you and give you motivation every time things got hard, every time you messed up, every time you got the tiniest thought in the back of your head that you should give up?

Do you think actually accomplishing what you set out to do would be INFINITELY easier and faster?

The answer is YES.

Every week you will be invited to schedule a time each Thursday where you can join LIVE group accountability calls where we will check in on your progress as well as the rest of the group.

We will open up the floor to you and everyone else so you can discuss what progress and set-backs you have encountered over the last week.

We will share wins, offer support, and I will answer any questions to make sure we are keeping you on track for you specific goals.

This 3rd pillar is crucial to keeping the 3 pillars functioning together.

Most personal trainers can offer you knowledge, but without accountability you still may never reach your goals.

This is why week 3 can be so important.

“I used to joke about being a “skinny Indian guy.” But the more I joked, the more it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. When I decided to change my body, I knew I needed help. Chris and I have worked together every week for years. He customizes my workouts and macros for my goals. He’s taught me to focus on form. And he works around my schedule. Highly recommended if you want to transform your body. The most valuable part of working with Chris has been having regular check-ins and being able to continually adapt and improve.”

BONUS!! The “Guild of Heroes” Facebook Group

As you can see, you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed when you join The 210 Method.

Your nutrition plan, your workout plan, accountability every week – all of it.

But what if you have a question NOW instead of during our Thursday accountability call?

How do you get that question answered?

Before I created the Guild of Heroes Facebook group, I didn’t have an answer for that.

But since I’ve created the Facebook group and allowed everyone in The 210 Method to interact, talk, have fun, and ask questions about fitness 24 hours a day inside this private community – my clients results have actually SPED UP.

And just in case you’re wondering…

No…this is not a comic book club haha.

This “Guild of Heroes” Facebook group is all about rising up to become YOUR OWN Superhero by getting in pheonenal shape so you can excel in all other areas of your life.

2x a week I go live in this group to allow members to ask me questions regarding fitness or motivation and post 3x per week engagement posts to check in on you and see where you are at so far in the week.

If you need help or motivation or just somebody to lean on, this Facebook group is there for you whenever you need it…

Annnnnd its a free BONUS, so you’re not allowed to complain 😉

the 210 method is ready for you

These 3 pillars + the Bonus Facebook group is why The 210 Method Consistently performs so well for my clients

It allows you to:

let me guess…

Now You Might Be Thinking Something Along The Lines Of…

“Alright Chris, sounds great! How much is it?”

Great question.

I always talk about how The 210 Method actually SAVES my clients money because of how effective it is…

…So let me show you how it’s going to SAVE you money as well.

Let’s look at your life right now…

This probably isn’t the first time you wanted to get in shape.

But for some reason, all the other options you’ve tried haven’t given you the results you want or you wouldn’t be on this page right now.

But if The 210 Method gets the results I know it can when you dedicate to the process and do the work, you could save a huge amount of money.

lets break it down

Let’s take a look at just the food savings...

A huge problem a lot of my clients run into is feeling hungry before they go to bed and binge eating before they fall asleep.

If you were eating foods that supported your body, you wouldn’t feel the need to eat right before bed because you’re already satisfied and full from a day of eating delicious whole foods.

So instead of spending and extra $50 on snacks each week for a total of $200/month (many of my clients used to spend much more than $200/month on snacks) you will be saving that money because you are eating foods that make you feel strong and healthy + foods that will save you money.

So if you did NOTHING else on The 210 Method buy learn how to eat good foods, you could save $200/month EASY.

But now let’s look at all the other savings you could have by joining The 210 Method.

If you take a hard look at your lifestyle right now...

i want you to ask yourself a question

“Is it sustainable?”

Or are you like many of my clients who, before joining, were living a life that could place them in the hospital for a number of health related issues or even STEAL money out of their salary for being out of shape?

Answer these questions honestly and do the math:

If you tripped down your stairs, are you confident you would be able to stand up again and go on with your day?

...Or are you like most Americans that have to go to the doctor for a broken ankle or a sprained wrist? ($200 for the X-Ray and $2,500+ for the surgery on average)

If you keep eating the things you do every day

are you positive you will live a long, happy, healthy life?

…Or are you like many people who will probably end up in the hospital from a heart attack for being overweight with high blood pressure? ($21,000 on average for a 5 night hospital stay to recover from your heart attack)

If your kids and people that look up to you take after your lifestyle, are you sure they won’t end up having health issues as well?

…Or are you like all other parents and role models that pass their bad behaviors onto the people closest to them? (Cost of guilt + tens to hundreds of thousand of dollars out of their wallets)

Is being overweight and out of shape at your job benefitting you?

…Or do you work at a place like almost all Americans where people who are in shape and happier get better salaries and close more deals that people who are overweight and unhealthy? (Opportunity cost that could leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table)

or maybe…

Is not being able in shape helping your relationship grow stronger?

…Or are you like most people in the world you have to think of somebody else to get aroused while sleeping with your partner? (Most divorce lawyers cost between $250 and $500/hour)

Are you confident you will be able to live independently well into your later life?

…Or will you be part of the growing number of 60 year olds that require 24 hour care from nurses in retirement homes? ($1,000-$5,000/month for most retirement and care homes)

If you’re young, some of those costs might seem far off to you.

It’s easy to think that your life will continue to go the same way wherever you are right now.

But what if getting in shape made your life significantly better AND helped you avoid all those potential costs above?

Not only would you save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars…but you would also live a way higher quality of life!

After a bit of research

According to an article from Betterlifeonline.com titled “People Who Work Out Make This Much More Money”...

A group of 1,000 people who worked out consistently and 1,000 people who didn’t work out were surveyed to observe the differences in quality of life between the two groups.

The results were that people who worked out consistently had a much better lifestyle than they people who didn’t work out.

People who worked out in this study:


Made between $25,000 and $38,000 more per year (The 210 Method is considerably less expensive than this by the way)


Reported being happier in general with their state of life and their relationships


Had sex multiple time per week compared to only a few times per month for people who didn’t work out

I have to point out that this study isn’t a “peer reviewed scientific research” as both groups were only surveyed and not studied intently over a long period of time, but it does provide a lot of evidence to back up the claim that healthy people have better lives on average.

makes sense right?

Think about it this way...

This is all evidence pointing towards the fact that prioritizing your body and getting in shape can, not only SAVE you hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of pain over your lifetime, but actually make you MORE money and improve your happiness with life.

If you are ready to improve your quality of life dramatically by improving your health and avoiding tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expenses bad health can cost you…

I encourage you to fill an application below.

Not only will The 210 Method cost significantly less than any expenses bad health can cost you, it will also give you access to me and a whole community that want to see you WIN.

When you fill out your application and schedule your call today, you will become part of The 210 Club, and in doing so, become part of our family.

Before you apply, let me make this clear.

Not EVERYONE Should Join The 210 Method

If you are not supportive of your peers

If you are not willing to work hard in the gym

If you are not willing to be coachable and take feedback

If you are not a person that will give me updates to allow you the best results


This program will not do anything for you or for me and my community of supportive, positive people.

So then...

Who SHOULD Join The 210 Method?

If you are supportive

If you are determined

If you want great results

If you are willing to build and commit to a custom nutrition plan we will build together

If you are willing to be a positive and contributing member of The 210 Club

If you take responsibility for your life and that you get the results you work for

If you are willing to work hard and give your all to each workout

Then this program was made for YOU and it would be an honor to accept you into my private exercise and health community.

If this is you, and you are ready to use the 3 pillars inside The 210 Method to get in the best shape of your life, then it’s time to apply.

Let’s do a quick recap

here is everything you’re getting today when you apply to join The 210 Method

Pillar #1: Custom Built Nutrition Plan

The reason why we do this is to ensure that you actually LIKE what you eat.

I hate fitness programs that force you to eat foods that make you hate yourself while trying to get in shape!

That IS NOT the case when you join The 210 Method.

By building a custom nutrition plan together, we can find what foods you enjoy AND that will help you lose weight and get in shape.

Pillar Pillar #2: Custom Weight Training Plan

If you are accepted into The 210 Method and join our community, you will receive a custom weight training plan that will take 210 minutes per week to complete.

It WILL challenge you, but it’s not made to overwhelm you.

The stronger you get, the more variety we can insert into your weekly workouts so you never get bored.

Pillar #3: Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

This third pillar is what ties The 210 Method together and makes it so effective because all members receive support!

Each week you will be invited to join a LIVE QnA call on Thursdays at a time that works best for you.

On this call we will talk about what has gone well over the past week as well as what could be better so we can consistently improve your experience.

Plus, we will open up the floor so you get to interact with the everyone inside The 210 Club.

What are you waiting for?

it’s time for you to apply!

When you click the button below you’ll be taken to a questionnaire that should take about 5 minutes for you to fill out.

When your application goes through, you’ll be taken to my personal calendar where you will schedule a call with me on the soonest available time slot you have.

 Got questions? 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you absolutely can not make Thursday calls, there will be other options for accountability with you.


I HIGHLY suggest you make time for our group calls as this is where the magic happens with most my clients.

The workouts are customized to you, but you must have a gym membership or be willing to get one so you have access to all the equipment you will need.

I will NOT work with people who are Vegan or Keto or Carnivore.

The reason why is because I like holistic diets that incorporate lots of different kinds of foods.

I did get fit through restrictive dieting, so it’s not what I teach any of my clients.


We will work together to incorporate as much or as little alcohol you want into your diet.


I work with clients that travel all the time.

If you are going to travel, let me know and I will provide you with travel workouts.

All workouts are delivered through my private app accessible on your phone.


I’m experienced with being injured…a lot.

If you are dealing with health issues or injuries, let me know and we can work around it together.

We will go over 3 things on the phone.

First is where you are right now.

Second is where you want to go/what are your goals.

Third is how we will build a bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

The call should take about 30 minutes in total.

Listen, I love you, but you’re not that special.

I’ve worked with over a hundred clients from all sorts of different walks of life, and we ALWAYS make it work.

I’ve worked with soldiers on deployment…

Moms with young kids…

CEOs working 100 hour weeks…

Single moms and dads…

I can work with you as well and get you results.

If you put in the work and don’t get results, I’ll give you any investment you make back.

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